Grow With TDEV

Discover the programs that can unlock your potential and make a difference.

TDEV Scholarships

TDEV offers scholarships aimed at developing the digital skills of young people. These scholarships include online training programs with its partners in areas such as data science with its partner Datacamp, blockchain technology with its partner IsyChain. The scholarships enable recipients to acquire specialized knowledge and develop their skills in rapidly expanding technological fields.

TDEV CodeMoment

These are moments of reunion between developers within the community. During CodeMoments, TDEV members come together to share knowledge, solve technical problems, and increase their online presence by subscribing to other developers’ accounts. It is an opportunity to learn, collaborate and strengthen bonds within the community.

TDEV Festival

TDEV Festival is the major annual conference organized by TDEV. This conference brings together young digital enthusiasts for moments of sharing, networking and training. The TDEV Festival promotes the exchange of ideas, mutual learning and inspiration among participants.

TDEV Mentorship

 TDEV offers mentoring programs where experienced technology sector professionals guide and support young, emerging talents. Mentors offer personalized advice, share their expertise and help young developers identify career opportunities. Mentoring aims to promote the professional growth of community members by providing support and guidance tailored to their needs.

TDEV Talent

TDEV facilitates the professional integration of its developers by offering them opportunities to work on projects with partners. Talented TDEV members can collaborate on concrete projects, gain professional experience and develop their portfolio. This initiative aims to create bridges between emerging talents and job opportunities in the digital field.

TDEV Highlight

TDEV highlights the most active members of its community by highlighting their skills and expertise in different projects. This initiative aims to help members get noticed and attract employment and collaboration opportunities.

TDEV Challenges

TDEV Challenge is a competition that showcases the genius of developers by encouraging them to create innovative solutions to solve society’s problems. Participants are invited to propose ideas and technological projects to address specific challenges. It is an opportunity for developers to practice their skills, develop their creativity and showcase their talents.